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Learn to Collaborate


Derek van Bever

"'The way we’re working is no longer working.' Wow, is that ever true.  The time is ripe for spreading this new way of working, because businesses and organizations that attempt to bring the same old approaches to the new challenges we are facing will find themselves slipping farther and farther behind.

The COS faculty possess the qualities of passion, skill and patience in abundance, and they have organized their teaching into one of the most intelligent, engaging and fun seminar experiences I have ever participated in."

Derek van Bever,  Director, Forum for Growth & Innovation
Harvard Business School
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The Collaborative Operating System&trade; provides a foundational framework in  which organizations effectively work on the right problems in a manner  that engages stakeholder creativity to develop real solutions that make a  difference. The COS ensures that all team members become part of the  solution. The process is practical and enables implementation that  drives meaningful results. I attended a COS seminar in '07 and use the  leadership concepts and processes in my business almost daily. I  recommended the COS and Seminar if you are seeking a way to make  meaningful and positive change.</p>
<p class="attribute">- Buzz Sztukowski, Vice President & General Manager<br /> Specialty Diagnostics Americas at PerkinElmer, Inc.

COS Practitioner Training

The Collaborative Operating System training program is open to the public and taught in 90-minute segments over a period of eight weeks... read more

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